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Project Development

BSR Energy, is a subsidiary of British Solar Renewables. Please click here to view information regarding the current live projects.

At BSR we only build quality projects. The delivery of this quality is the result of a controlled and diligent development process that might begin years prior to commissioning or in a matter of months. Our quality will not be compromised. The business we have built over the past years benefits from a number of characteristics which make our development process so successful:

Integrated Platform

With all of the key skills in house – including planning, design, EPC, and O&M – we can ensure that no detail is overlooked or falls through a gap that might appear when using third parties.

Gate Process

Our six-point gate process, ensures that any project is re-assessed for risk and commercial viability throughout its development cycle. At each control point the project requires board level approval before the deployment of further capital.

Expert Project Management

All of our projects are immediately taken on by a dedicated project manager. This project manager is responsible for coordinating all levels of the project delivery and will work closely with all project stakeholders maintaining open dialogue and regular updates.


BSR has delivered over 500 MW of projects, ranging in size and complexity. We have built across the country, in various landscapes, connecting to each of the DNOs at various voltages, on green and brown field land, and with a range of landowners.

If you have land and are interested in finding out more on how we could help, please fill in the contact form here

Integrated Platform