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Volunteering at Carymoor

Volunteering day at the Carymoor Environmental Trust

Members of the BSR Team recently spent a day volunteering at the Carymoor Environmental Trust.

The day focussed on the management of Carymoor’s wildflower meadows. This involved raking and moving the cut grass, helping to keep the grassland nutrient poor which gives the wildflowers the best chance to flourish – useful learning for our solar parks. There was even a chance to try hand-scything!

It was fantastic to be able to support an environmental education charity, focussed on conservation, education and community based in our local Somerset community. Carymoor Environmental Trust supports mental health and well-being in children and adults and educate the community to live more sustainably. Each year over 3,500 children come to Carymoor Environmental Centre, and their team share the environmental education message with 14,000 more through the Somerset Against Waste outreach initiative, Schools Against Waste. They have created a biodiverse landscape on a closed landfill site which they use for education and last year they were awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant that will bring the Nightingale back to Somerset.


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