Solar and Wind Projects


At BSR, we pride ourselves on having a wealth of knowledge and experience in a multitude of technologies. Our team is focused on providing a diverse portfolio of services to landowners and energy consumers. As we look to the future, our solar or wind energy system will require an array of technologies to achieve net zero by 2050. We can provide hybrid solutions to optimise your land and fight climate change on multiple fronts.

Smart energy systems supplier


Developing utility-scale solar projects is at the heart of BSR’s history. The company has developed over 700MWp of photovoltaic capacity since our creation in 2008 providing enough electricity for over 150,000 UK households annually. Our solar farms also have a strong focus on enhancing natural habitats, using local knowledge to enhance the biodiversity, flora and fauna of our sites. You can view our portfolio to see some of our flagship projects to date.

Smart energy systems supplier

Battery Storage

BSR has built over 120MW of storage capacity to help balance the electricity network. We have coupled storage containers with our renewable energy projects to provide stable clean energy for the UK network when it is needed most. Our systems are optimised and monitored from our Head Office to ensure we maximise the potential of each asset, generating revenue via load shifting, Firm Frequency Response, Enhanced Frequency Response, Dynamic Containment and Balancing Mechanism markets.

Wind energy farm


Wind turbines utilise the kinetic energy from currents of air to turn a generator. This produces an alternating current to exported to the electricity network. The UK has transformed its energy system through the installation of 28GW over the last few decades. BSR has an inhouse team ready to assess your site using calibrated average windspeed data, providing full lifecycle services with development, construction and O&M teams. Co-located with our other technologies, we can maximise grid connections with increased capacity factors. See our landowner leaflet for more details.

BSR Energy Wind Power
Solar Panel Technology


BSR’s AgriPV solution offers optimal returns for your land. By using our new framing solution and the latest transparent solar panel technology, you can combine traditional farming with clean energy production for an innovative hybrid solution. Together we can tackle food security and the climate crisis. There are a multitude of payment methods from BSR to the landowner, including leasing, power purchase agreements and joint venture. Crop benefits include protection from extreme weather, improved microclimate temperature, soil water retention, shading control and much more. See our landowner leaflet for more details.

BSR Energy Agri PV