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Power Purchase Agreements

For demand customers, the direct purchase of energy from a generator via a corporate power purchase agreement (cPPA) remains one of the most effective ways to decarbonise your electricity supply and fix your power market exposure for a long period of time. BSR has significant experience in this space and has successfully executed both sleeved and synthetic cPPAs. We are able to offer cPPAs of between 7 and 25 years, each with a bespoke pricing structure to best suit both parties. We will work with your broker and/or supplier to ensure that the contractual arrangements sit well alongside your existing arrangements.​

Case Study: 15 year fixed price PPA from Swindon Solar Park to HSBC UK Ltd, supplying c.60GWh of power per annum to HSBC UKs operations.

If you think a cPPA may work for you then please email us at development@bsrenergy.com, or call on 01458 224900 .

Private Wire Agreements

If your site allows it, a directly connected solar/wind/battery will provide the maximum benefits, from both a cost and green credential perspective. Below are the four simple steps BSR will undertake for your feasibility study.

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