Solar Park to generate enough energy to power 18,000 family homes proposed in Monmouthshire

British Solar Renewables (BSR Energy), has submitted plans for a solar park (Rush Wall Solar Park) on land at Rushwall Lane, Redwick, NP26 3TS. BSR work with landowners, environmental specialists and planning authorities to develop, build, operate and manage solar parks. The developer ran a programme of public consultation to find out what local residents thought about the proposals.

It is estimated that the generating station would have an export capacity of up to 75MWp for distribution to the National Grid. This is the equivalent to the annual electrical needs of approximately 18,000 family homes. The need for increased renewable energy is urgent and is in a context of declared national and local climate emergencies. The UK Government has set an ambitious target of reducing emissions by 78% by 2035. Renewable electricity generation, including solar, will play a key role in meeting this target. The anticipated CO2 displacement of the proposed site is around 16,000 tonnes per annum.

Detailed assessments have been undertaken that have helped design a scheme that is sensitive towards and compatible with the local landscape and environment. The site is part of an SSSI designated, and a full environmental statement was produced highlighting a range of protections and betterments the development will secure. The proposed solar park at Rush Wall offers the opportunity for ecological enhancements including management of the rheens and ditches. A significant parcel of land for lapwing nesting and wintering has also been secured. The site biodiversity net gain assessment has calculated an up to 75% gain in habitats and 18% in the water habitats demonstrating the positive impact. Existing hedgerows will also be grown out to contain and screen the solar arrays and no public rights of way will be closed during or after construction.

BSR Energy have run two private consultations as part of this DNS application. A number of consultee comments triggered amendments to the application and additional ecological work. The more recent private consultation was run from the 1st of December 2021 to 26th of January 2022. A change register clearly highlights the updates and improvements made to the scheme throughout this process. To learn more about the proposal visit

The Welsh Government have declared a Climate Emergency in response to the growing and imminent threat posed by climate change, and this application proposes precisely the type and location of new energy infrastructure needed to help counter that very serious threat.

Colin Ramsay, Development Director at BSR Energy said:

“Our application follows the Welsh Government’s declaration of a climate emergency, and the emergence of national climate change targets that are enshrined in law. The pursuit of a reduction of carbon emissions is shared by both BSR and the Welsh Government. The consultee and local community’s opinions are critical for us in understanding how we can reduce the impact of our application whilst also providing significant ecological betterment. We have, as a result, interacted and listened closely to the comments received and have made amendments to our proposals in accordance with this feedback”.

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