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Rush Wall Solar Park

The Rush Wall Effect

The amount of renewable energy (in MWhrs) annually

*Please note that calculations may be adjusted to ensure maximum accuracy

Tonnes CO2 emissions avoided
Avg. domestic households served each year
Approx. hectares of land protected by the solar park
Rush Wall 1

Rush Wall Solar Park

British Solar Renewables (BSR Energy) is looking to develop Rush Wall Solar Park on land at Rush Wall Lane, Newport. This project, if permitted, will generate approximately 75MWp of solar photovoltaic energy to the electricity network and produce enough clean renewable electricity to power 18,755 homes per year*, a saving of 16,611 tonnes CO2!.

As this project is located within a SSSI designation, we have undertaken several detailed ecology surveys to understand the flora and fauna within the site. This information has been used to shape the development into the existing environment.

Given the current cost of living crisis, which includes soaring energy prices and concerns around energy security, providing locally sourced clean, green, and reliable energy production is more vital than ever. Additionally, Newport City Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and the central Government has set out ambitious targets to ensure the United Kingdom is net zero by 2050. In order to meet this target and to address the climate emergency, the shift away from polluting fossil fuel sources towards green energy production options, such as solar developments, is needed urgently.

BSR Energy is passionate about playing its part to help the UK make the change towards renewable sources. We have all seen first-hand this summer the impacts that climate change is having, from the hottest day on record being recorded, to official drought declarations. The time to take action and mitigate against any further damage to our planet is now.

BSR’s proposals would deliver a solar development with an export capacity of up to 75MW. This energy would be fed directly into the grid via an underground cable route and substation connection.

* Based on an annual average domestic consumption per household (Great Britain) of 3,799 kWh. Source BEIS, Regional and Local authority electricity consumption statics 2018.

! Based on 'Emissions associated with the generation of electricity at a power station (Electricity generation factors do not include transmission and distribution). Source BEIS, Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2020.

Thank you to those who contributed to the statutory pre-application consultation.

To see the live application, including all of the documents submitted, please search for the reference DNS/3220457 via the below website.