Sustainability in action with cosmos flowers and solar panels coexisting in a pollinator garden on a sunny fall day

Improving Biodiversity in Ecosystems


We believe in biodiversity and are passionate about renewables and the environment. We work with landowners, environmental specialists and Planning Authorities to develop, build, operate and manage the solar parks in a way which minimises the impact on the environment during construction and maintenance and enhances the biodiversity for the local area. Biodiversity gains have been achieved through the development and maintenance of protected green zones, protected species mitigation areas and adapting the solar park layout and fencing arrangements to accommodate local native animals including wallabies, kangaroos and echidnas.

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Co-located Farming

BSR Australia considers each and every unique project environment before commencing with any development.

Depending on the environment, we have successfully trialled sheep grazing within park solar arrays which has the added benefit of creating much needed shade and shelter during the hotter months in more arid regions. The shade from the panels also encourages good grass growth with higher water retention for the soil.

BSR are also actively working on introducing native bee hive zones with a diverse range of native fauna planted in solar park green zones and green screens.


Biodiversity Benefits

The advent of mass farming, factories, roads, trainlines and urban sprawl is a direct threat to these natural systems. We require more land that supports these ecosystems.

Pollinators, are estimated to be responsible for every third bite we eat.

Soil structure is improved with higher plant diversity and that the diverse properties of different plant roots are the key factor in keeping soil healthy. Optimising water retention, micro-organisms and carbon sequestration.

Land left to nature could be worth more in value as soils can rest and replenish.

Land owners can become nature conservationists.