BSR's Biodiversity Achievements

BSR are passionate about biodiversity, and this is an integral part of the core ESG values. Recognising the pivotal role that BSR plays in preserving the environment and local communities, it is dedicated to a 60% biodiversity net gain for each solar project that gets submitted for planning and explores diverse avenues for implementation. At BSR’s Aller Langport site, close collaboration with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust has led to the planting of a blend of wildflower seeds, fostering a habitat for pollinators including the rare Shrill Carder Bee found in the area. Continuing to demonstrate environmental responsibility, BSR have safeguarded a badger set found within the site by installing protective fencing, ensuring the badgers remain undisturbed. BSR have also planted screening and hedgerows, contributing to balancing the ecosystem throughout the operational lifespan of the park.

BSR are delighted to have ICG as an investor as their dedication to ESG aligns closely, allowing BSR to perform these actions on the Aller Langport site. ICG’s support has furthered BSR’s efforts in reducing its carbon footprint, facilitating a transition from a developer to an independent power provider. BSR are proud to be a part of SBTi initiative of reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42% by 2030.

To find out more, visit and watch a short video featuring Deputy CEO, Fran Button.