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Asset Management

As a fully integrated renewable energy developer, BSR’s Asset Management team has an unrivalled understanding of the technical, commercial and legal detail behind utility scale assets.

BSR’s Asset Management team manages a portfolio of assets with a combined generating capacity in excess of 170 MW. The sites are diverse in their technology, their geography, their ownership structure, and their subsidy regime, providing us with the expertise to confidently manage any combination of project specifics.

The Asset Management team comprises a dedicated group of highly motivated and experienced professionals with many years’ experience within the energy and renewables sector.   Aside from our dedicated Asset Managers, within the team we have a dedicated compliance manager who is well placed to ensure all reporting compliance obligations are met both at home and the EU and with a comprehensive understanding of the current and constantly moving legislation surrounding UK Government Subsidy arrangements; also ensuring FIT and ROC applications (whether monthly or quarterly) are met within deadlines set out by Ofgem.

BSR prides itself on the good working relationships built with all contract suppliers as well as with our landowners, ensuring high levels of communication is upheld and obligations under the Lease Agreements and Planning Conditions are fully met, understood and compliant.

The Asset Management team works closely with the O&M providers, constantly striving to ensure budgets are met and that any potential to increase yields is fully investigated. Monthly reporting is prepared in a timely and accurate manner ensuring swift payments are made with a focus on data validation supported by weekly KPI monitoring.

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