Michael Ditchfield

Michael Ditchfield, Head of Commissioning

Michael’s BSR story is one of great success. Having started as a labourer on site with no previous experience in solar, he progressed to supervisor, foreman, site manager, IAC/FAC manager and is now our Head of Commissioning. Today, Michael plans and arranges our commissioning requirements, ensuring they are completed on time and to specified standards, so that our sites can be energised safely and on time. He also oversees the warranty period of finished sites, working closely with our clients, TA's and the internal team to correct any issues that may arise.

“I believe that we should be using the resources that we have been given to the best effect possible. This means using the sun, wind, tide and any other natural means to provide us with power that is sustainable and gives our children, grandchildren and generations beyond the chance of a healthy planet.”