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Optimising the Value of Renewable Energy Assets

BSR is one of the leading providers of Operation & Maintenance services to renewable energy assets in the UK, with over 500 MW of assets under contract. Our dedicated team of 36 UK-based and UK-trained specialists, coupled with an unrivalled geographical spread for fast response and resolution, means that BSR O&M delivers the highest quality service to ensure assets deliver the greatest optimised value.

BSR O&M prides itself on going the extra mile and is not content with simple monitoring and reporting of performance. From an optimisation perspective the company’s key strength is the interpretation of big data into powerful management information using algorithmic analytical tools. We believe that this is the most effective way to understand and asset performance.

Emergency contact numbers for existing customers:

During Office hours:
01458 222 005

Outside office hours:
07711 556 133
0117 931 9840

In terms of maintenance the company offers an extensive scope of both planned and reactive services that can be customised to meet customer requirements. These are not limited to:

  • Monthly test and inspection visits
  • Monthly and annual operation reporting
  • Ground maintenance and land management
  • Event notifications
  • 24/7 fault detection
  • 24/7 security control including call-out
  • HV systems and equipment maintenance including call-out
  • Panel cleaning
  • Thermographic diagnostic surveying
  • Real time access to system monitoring
  • Consumable Parts
  • Warranty Management
  • Spare parts stock control
  • Reactive maintenance

Please get in touch for further information around our services or your O&M requirements.

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