Higher Wraxall

Higher Wraxall Solar Farm

The Higher Wraxall Effect

The amount of renewable energy (in MWhrs) annually

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Higher Wraxall

Higher Wraxall Solar Park

British Solar Renewables (BSR Energy) is bringing forward proposals for a new 19 hectare solar development on land at Wraxall Manor Farm, Wraxall, Dorset, DT2 0HW . The proposals represent an opportunity to boost green energy generation in Dorset.

It is estimated that the generating station would have an export capacity of up to 14MW for distribution to the National Grid. This is the equivalent to the annual electrical needs of approximately 3,101 family homes. The need for increased renewable energy is urgent and is in a context of declared national and local climate emergencies. The UK Government has set an ambitious target of reducing emissions by 78% by 2035. Renewable electricity generation, including solar, will play a key role in meeting this target.

BSR Energy is passionate about playing its part to help the UK make the change towards renewable sources. We have all seen first-hand this summer the impacts that climate change is having, from the hottest day on record being recorded, to official drought declarations. The time to take action and mitigate against any further damage to our planet is now.

The UK Government and many local authorities, including Dorset Council, have declared Climate Emergencies in response to the growing and imminent threat posed by climate change, and this application proposes precisely the type and location of new energy infrastructure needed to help counter that very serious threat. BSR hopes to inspire further communities to understand the value of renewable energies.

Residents were invited to a public consultation event that was held in March 2022, where BSR Energy’s project team presented plans and took questions regarding the draft proposal. To learn more about the proposal visit https://britishrenewables.com/projects/higher-wraxall-solar-park.

Stat References

Based on an annual average domestic consumption per household (Great Britain) of 3,799 kWh. Source BEIS, Regional and Local authority electricity consumption statics 2018.

Based on 'Emissions associated with the generation of electricity at a power station (Electricity generation factors do not include transmission and distribution). Source BEIS, Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2020.


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