Higher Wraxall Solar Park

Introducing Higher Wraxall Solar Park

BSR Energy are preparing to submit an application to Dorset District Council for a Solar PV scheme less than 1.0 km south west of the centre of the settlement of Higher Wraxall and to the eastern aspect of the A356 carriageway. The Solar scheme will have an approximate design capacity of 14MWp and would generate an estimated MWh of clean, renewable and sustainable electricity per year. This is the equivalent to the annual electrical needs of approx. 3,501 family homes*. The anticipated CO2 displacement is around 3,101 tonnes per annum.

* Based on an annual average domestic consumption per household (Great Britain) of 3,799 kWh. Source BEIS, Regional and Local authority electricity consumption statics 2018.! Based on 'Emissions associated with the generation of electricity at a power station (Electricity generation factors do not include transmission and distribution). Source BEIS, Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2020.


The Purpose of this consultation:

This webpage provides an overview of the proposal so members of the community can comment prior to the formal application being finalised and submitted

The Proposal

The project is situated less than 1.0 km south west of the centre of the settlement of Higher Wraxall and to the eastern aspect of the A356 carriageway. The approximately 48 acres (19.4Ha) site will be located in two fields which are currently used for arable farming.

The proposed scheme will utilise this land therefore creating potential benefits of avoiding large inputs of fertiliser, pesticides and herbicides into the land, assisting in ecological benefits for wildlife.

In addition to having solar panels on the site, the proposal also includes biodiversity and landscape enhancement measures, such as the enhancement of the existing pond area, gapping up of existing and planting of additional hedgerows to ensure there are minimal visual and environmental impacts.

Key Benefits


  • There is now a growing demand for renewable energy sources within the UK as a result of increased awareness of the current climate emergency. Solar farms such as this development present an ideal solution given their relatively quick start up and low maintenance costs.


  • The proposed development will minimise any potential impacts on the environment and in addition provide biodiversity net gains throughout the site.
  • The proposed development will over its’ lifetime result in a net reduction of over 120,000 tonnes of CO2!. Solar farms such as this development are considered imperative to secure the carbon reductions which is a legislative requirement of the Climate Change Act 2008 (2050 Target Amendment) Order 2019

Climate Change Act

This act requires the UK to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions to below 80% of the country’s 1990 levels by 2050. The National Planning Policy Framework support and encourage this shift to renewable energy production.


Direct access to the site is provided via existing field gates off an unnamed road located off the A356 carriageway. It is not envisaged that further enabling works will be required in regard to this access. Furthermore, the construction period would be short in duration, and once the solar park is operational there would be very little additional traffic created by the development. It is considered that the proposal will not cause any harm to the safety of the users of the public highway network.

Operational Lifespan and Decommissioning

The development would have a lifespan of approximately 40 years. At the end of the useful life of the facility, it will be decommissioned, with all associated equipment being removed. It is considered that the land can be quickly reverted to agricultural use following this.

Land at Wraxall Manor Farm, Wraxall, Dorset, DT2 0HW
Solar PV (ground mounted)
14 MW design capacity
Land size (approx.)
19Ha (47 acres)
Scottish & Southern Electric (SSE)
Land Designation
Planning consent duration
Application is for 40 years
Planning submission date
Est. April 2022
Planning Decision date
Est. August 2022

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