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Solar PV, Batteries, Connections

BSR, as the name suggests, began life as a specialist in solar photovoltaic systems. With the core of our founding partners coming from agricultural or property backgrounds, our business is especially suited to developing large, ground-mounted arrays. From being one of the first to develop multi-megawatt, ground mounted arrays in the UK, we have developed and built the four largest sites in the country. Having delivered in excess of 530 MW of ground-mounted solar PV, we are very comfortable labelling ourselves as experts in this technology.

In delivering this volume of solar projects we have also created our own Independent Connection Provider (ICP) – BSR Connect. Connect are NERS accredited to connect at voltages of up to and including 132 kV and have a wealth of experience connecting assets across the country. As well as operating as a standalone business unit on both BSR and third party connections, Connect’s input adds further strength to our solar park design.

BSR are also at the vanguard of the energy storage market. Our in-depth knowledge of energy generation, system balancing and distribution infrastructure has enabled to fully dissect this market and generate a series of sustainable business models making use of this exciting new technology.