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Manton Dam Solar Farm Australia

The Manton Effect

The amount of renewable energy (in MWhrs) annually

Tonnes CO2 emissions avoided
Avg. domestic households served each year
Approx. hectares of land protected by the solar park


Manton Dam Solar Farm is located approximately 100km South of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The solar farm is connected via the 22kV distribution network to the Manton 132/22kV Zone Substation via an overhead transmission line. The project has 28,420 of photovoltaic (PV) modules installed that are each 440W, creating a DC capacity of 12.5MWp with an export limit to the network of 10MWac.

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Project Summary

Manton Dam Solar Farm utilises highly accurate forecasting to predict the plant’s variation in output due to changes in irradiance in order to control the PV inverter export to provide clean electricity while maintaining system security.
The solar farm has a variety of weather sensors installed throughout the park to accurately capture weather conditions to ensure the plant’s export is maximised without impacting grid stability.

Bat 1 Panels from Drone

Technical Solution

DC Capacity: 12.51MWp

AC Capacity: 10MW

Land Area: 23Ha

No. Panels: 28,420

Panel Type: 440W Monfacial

No. of Inverters: 4

Tracker System: Single-Axis Tracker (SAT)

Manton Dam Sunset

Community & Culture

BSR actively commits to engaging with each local community it works within. Landowners, neighbours, community groups, environmental groups and local businesses are consulted with to ensure the Batchelor Solar Farms are valued projects that operate responsibly and sustainably.

The Manton Dam Solar Farm has created local job opportunities and developed industry skills that support small business and the regional economy. BSR supports local businesses and suppliers wherever possible.

The cultural heritage of the Manton Dam Region is of utmost importance and has continued to be a respected priority in minimising environmental impacts from construction through to operations. These clean energy developments with no air emissions, no waste, minimal carbon footprint and water use is on the doorstep to the recreational use Manton Dam.