4028 Fareham Battery Rollover

Fareham Battery

4028 Fareham Battery Site 9

The new facility being created will provide 40MW of instantly available electrical power on demand to the National Grid. This will be used to balance out fluctuating demands on the power grid. Peaks and troughs in demand cause under and over supply if not correctly managed - this can result in power spikes or blackouts.

“This facility is extremely significant as it represents one of the larger battery storage facilities in the country. The site will produce 40MW of power for the grid for one hour's duration. It will provide essential balancing and network management services to the grid. The grid has a specific need for these services because it is transforming itself into a sustainable grid powered by renewables.”
Installed battery storage
12 x 3.727MWhr battery units on the site
Sungrow ESS
Dynamic Containment, NIV Chasing, Arbitrage
Kestrel Fareham