Job Title: Operations & Maintenance Manager (BSR Australia)

Reports to: Managing Director, Australia

Remuneration: Salary dependent on experience

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Role summary:

The O&M Manager (Including Defects Liability/milestone management) Role (Australia) will be responsible for managing the Programme, activities and Budget for the Solar Farms that are entering the Operations & Maintenance Phase and through the Defects Liability Period.

Working for the reporting to the Managing Director of BSR Australia, you will be responsible for the management of your own team, outside contractors and suppliers, as well as key stakeholders such as the Client representatives and the NSP.

As the Manager you will have ultimate responsibility for your team’ and contractors site safety, programme, budget, contracts and the quality of the completion of necessary works across the sites.

You will be responsible for scheduling work, in relation to Planned and Responsive maintenance. In parallel, management of any Defects work will also need to be efficiently addressed. Planning the location of Team members, contractors, site works, and equipment needed for all staff and contractors. Understanding the cost plans and deadlines required in achieving key milestones such as PAC, IAC and FAC will also be critical.

An understanding of the procedures in completing solar projects is vital. This includes the associated contracts, final specifications, and the regular accompanying Technical Advisors onsite inspections.

Liaising with key external stakeholders will also need to be managed, including TA’s, Park Owners, Asset Managers, OEM’s, contractors, landowner and the NSP is also fundamental to the role.

Internal key stakeholders may likely include members from other departments, consultants and the UK Head Office personnel.

Works and Services that may be covered by O&M contracts could include but not be limited to provision of the following:

  • Grounds Maintenance (mowing, cutting, spraying, weed management, pest management, erosion management and environmental audits)
  • Solar Module Cleaning
  • Electrical maintenance of solar farms
  • Infrastructure maintenance of the solar farms
  • Comms/SCADA maintenance of the solar farms
  • Thermography
  • OEM management e.g., MVPS manufacturer service contracts and warranty claim procedures
  • Security System maintenance
  • Security alarm monitoring, and manned security services
  • Performance & Forecasting Monitoring
  • Asset Management – performance optimisation, report generation and data critiquing
  • Client Contract management
  • Contractor Contract management
  • Driving additional service proposals/change orders
  • HR & HSE, including COVID management
  • Interstate travel

The successful candidate will be overseeing the day-to-day management and co-ordination of all work tasks taking place across the various site locations. Continual feeding information back to the Managing Director about performance against program, costings and contract KPI’s. Constant and accurate reporting of performance against programs and cost plans to ensure timely completion within budgets whilst avoiding fiscal contractual penalties is fundamental.

Additionally, the O&M Manager must be a strong leader, team player, pragmatic decision maker and be able to resolve site issues and have exemplary organisation and administrational skills. A strong desire to expand their skills, qualifications, and knowledge base as the BSR EPC Pty grows will also be required.

Skills and previous experience in the construction or maintenance of solar plants is essential, as well as a solid background in contract management. Experience in Asset Management or Facilities management is also desired.

The nature of this position will also require the successful applicant to have the flexibility for extensive travel from the Brisbane HQ to our various sites and locations. As such, there is a requirement to occasionally stay away from home. A current driving license will be required.

In addition, The O&M Manager will:

  • Coordinate directly with the Managing Director of BSR EPC Pty Ltd and other colleagues within the senior teams of BSR EPC.
  • Work Closely with and support the Commissioning Team to help achieve the PAC milestone that triggers the beginning of the O&M phase.
  • Ensure that progress, issues, systems, and programmes are maintained across all sites
  • Ensure that H&S is kept at the highest priority
  • Develop a strong and effective H&S culture within their teams, contractors, stakeholders as well as across the BSR Team
  • Develop their teams, including contractors, in working to the BSR IMS systems of ISO9001, 14001, 45001 and 50001.
  • Develop the BSR culture within their teams, foster teamwork, togetherness, openness and a love and pride of the projects
  • Work with the design, pre-construction, construction, and commissioning teams to ensure that the projects are successful and that milestones are met.
  • Have a passion for renewables.


  • Understand project cost plan, construction program, commissioning program and O&M program.
  • Understand and be familiar with the EPC Contracts as well as the O&M Contracts. This will be key for successful contract execution.
  • Successfully deliver O&M contract scope
  • Plan site works, welfare, logistics and access.
  • Maintain and monitor works performance against plans and schedules.
  • Run site co-ordination meetings between contractors, clients and other key stakeholders as required.
  • Generate reports as per the project contracts and report against program and track performance and any issues.
  • Work with the wider organisation, especially the Engineering and Commissioning Teams, to manage works and resolve issues.
  • Overall responsibility for safety; induction, safety briefings, control of permits, SWMS and JSA review.
  • Take the completion works through to acceptance of PAC, IAC, and FAC – the key project milestones that punctuate the Defects Liability Period.
  • Be able to think laterally when required, using judgement and an awareness of priorities to be able to solve and overcome problems to reach the company objectives.
  • Development and management of cost plans
  • Management of Client contracts
  • Management of contractor/service contracts
  • Management of Team members
  • Communication with government bodies e.g. NSP’s
  • Reporting and report management -both review and creation

Skill requirement:

  • Experience on electrical projects would be an advantage, but not essential.
  • Previous experience on construction/infrastructure projects is desirable, or site management of smaller sites, or management or control of Operation and Maintenance activities.
  • Contact management
  • Facilities/Asset management experience is desired
  • Health and Safety qualification essential
  • Microsoft Office capability with Word, Excel and MS Project essential
  • Experience of working and demonstrable ability to hit tight deadlines is essential
  • Construction and/or maintenance management or supervision


  • Degree qualified or relevant tertiary qualifications
  • Project management qualification preferred.

Closing date: Friday 10th September

To apply: Please send your cover letter and CV to