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Independent Connection Providers

BSR Connect

BSR Connect, is a leading ICP and part of the BSR group. As well providing us with the ability to deliver our own robust grid connections, their expertise enables us to optimise park design around export parameters.

Connect are an Independent Connection Provider (ICP), NERS accredited to deliver safe, robust and cost-effective contestable works grid connections. We provide all grid connection works from 11kV up to and including 132kV, working closely with the Distribution Network Operators (DNO) to design, implement and energise projects.

As an ICP we have a team of designers with experience in working with DNOs throughout the UK who will ensure that the design approval process is slick, working with specific DNO requirements to get you connected. At BSR Connect we operate under our own High Voltage Safety Rules and employ Senior Authorised Persons (SAPs), which allows us to operate safe systems of work for the switching and issuing of Safety Documents, such as Permit to Work, on connected ‘live’ systems.

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